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why does this muffin look like a hamster tho??


why does this muffin look like a hamster tho??

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ive been sat in this cafe for 2 hours alone and only ordered a small coffee and now all the staff are looking at me suspiciously like i either need to get another drink or leave 

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One of the best lines from this show.

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After high school you realize you were only friends with some people because you saw them five times a week.
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“so what are you learning in math at the moment?”

that’s a good question

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What have I done…

you just made Frozen so much better

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banksys next piece: the big government house with big green stink lines comign out!! fuck the stinky politicians!!

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omg i was just at the dmv waiting in a SUPER LONG LINE and there were like 13 million people in front of me like come on people and so i was waiitng there fore like 2 minutes but then the lady at the counter recognized me she was like “your officialuntiedstates arent you” omg hahah i was like yeahhhhhh and she was like ok you come to the front of the line.  hahaha im going to the dmv more often.  she asked for my autograph

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My friend just made this status


My friend just made this status

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"he likes girls too much to be gay"

wait hold on i have an idea

what if, no, hear me out, what if


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